Do I Need to Assign a Role to a User in Saleslogix Web Version 8.0?


I currently have Saleslogix LAN, version 7.5.4 and I don’t have any roles assigned to users. Do I need to assign roles in the 8.0 Web version?



The short answer is yes! In v7.5.4 LAN, you were able to assign a role to give a user added functionality with Administrator Tools. In Saleslogix v8.0, you MUST assign at least one Role to a user in order for them to have access to functions within the interface. Commonly, you will be assigning the Standard User role to all users. You can then assign additional roles based on the added functionality each user may need. In Saleslogix v7.5.4 a user did not need to be assigned a role.

The Administrator can create as many new roles as needed. This should be part of the Standard Setup to create the new roles users may need and then assign them to individual users.

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