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What Makes Infor ION Tick?

Technical Paper – What makes Infor ION tick? The top 10 things you should know. Infor’s Intelligent Open Network (ION) technology allows systems, both Infor® and non-Infor, to be easily integrated through a platform that provides heavyweight functionality on a lightweight and adaptable framework. This platform loosely couples systems together so they speak the same language but are not dependent upon each other. Much like the Internet, one application can be upgraded, replaced, or even fail without taking down the entire network. Built using non-proprietary standards, Infor ION® provides an open architecture that is flexible, scalable, and adaptable. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Infor ION...

Infor ION Overview

You need highly focused software to solve your specific problems. At the same time, you need the power to pull together all relevant information seamlessly, without having to search, sort, and manipulate that data before you can use it. You get that power with Infor...