SalesLogix SData Endpoint Whitepaper

Sage Data (SData) is the communication protocol that serves as a common language for interaction between Sage products worldwide. Sage products use SData to generate and consume feeds of information, similar to RSS feeds. This document outlines the available endpoints with SData as implemented in SalesLogix version 7.5.4 (all info still applies to current versions as...

Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Developer Tips

This CHM Help file includes information about developing in the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Web Client, including creating forms, Main Views, business rules, etc. Also, includes information about the SData REST API, the OLE DB Provider functions, Job Server, HQL Queries available with the entity model, useful “How To’s”, and information on utilities available for Infor CRM and more. This help file is written for developers, Web masters, and IS professionals. It contains conceptual overviews, customization scenarios, code samples, and references to help you customize the Saleslogix Web Client or create custom Web applications. Business analysts can create and edit entities, forms, and main views without any knowledge of programming languages if they know their business model. Developers with basic knowledge of C# or VB can add or completely override business rules for entities. Advanced developers with knowledge of C#, VB, HTML, .NET, or AJAX extensions can build custom user and server controls and incorporate them into a Web portal. Note, download is in CHM format. If needed, Google CHM readers for the operating system you are using to...

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