Error Messaging When Trying to Pass Value from Account Detail in SalesLogix

Question:  I’m trying to pass a value from the Account Detail view in SalesLogix
to the .Net Embedded Control when the button on the Details view is

Sub btnSendClick(Sender)
Dim loader
if Application.GlobalInfo.

IndexOf(“Object2”) =-1 then

set loader=CreateObject(“PhoneObject.Phone”)
loader.Init Form.HWND
Application.GlobalInfo.Add “Object2”,loader
set loader=Application.GlobalInfo(“Object2”)

loader.Init Form.HWND
end if
End Sub

This is returning the following error:

Object Required : ‘Form’

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:  HWND is a property of the SalesLogix form. Is your SLX form named “Form” or
something else? You could either change that to the name of your form,
or just drop the form name. If you type just “HWND” (without the form
name) it will still work, since you’re in the context of the form.


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