Error Trying to Navigate to Contact From The Ticket Detail Screen in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix on the Ticket Detail Screen, whenever I click on the Contact lookup link I get this error:

Error calling method AXFormChange
Error in IDispatch.Invoke(): 0x80020101

This is the code behind my ToClick function on the Contact lookup:

Sub OnLookupGoToClick(Sender)
InvokeMainView Sender.LookupID, “System:” & Right(Sender.Name, Len(Sender.Name) – 3) & ” Details” ‘DNL
End Sub

After I click OK on the MsgBox, I go to that contacts detail view, why is this happening?

Answer: If your goal is to navigate to the contact, change your code to this:

Sub OnLookupGoToClick(Sender)
Application.BasicFunctions.SetCurrentContactID Sender.LookupID
End Sub



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