Failure to Upload Template for Excel Report in Creatio (and a Solution)

When using the Creatio marketplace addon for Excel Reports (which is a fantastic add-on that every system should have installed), you might have discovered that in recent versions of Creatio you’re no longer able to upload a template for the Excel report. You click the button to upload the template and then nothing happens and the “Template uploaded” checkbox remains unchecked – additionally, running the Excel report does not have your template in use.

What is happening here is that in recent versions of Creatio, starting with some release in 7.16 and higher, a new setting was added named “FileExtensionsDenyList”. This is a system setting with extensions that are not allowed to be uploaded. For some reason, when you upload an Excel template it thinks the template is an apk or jar file. These extensions are on the file deny list in Creatio so it is rejecting the file upload. If you open the network tab in the browser dev tools, you’ll see the upload request failing with this message:

The Solution

I assume at some point this will get addresses, however, for now you can work around this issue. To solve this, simply edit the “FileExtensionsDenyList” system setting and remove “apk” and “jar” from the list. Once that is saved, you’ll once again be able to upload templates for your Excel reports.

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