Field Updated From DateTime to String in SalesLogix v7.2 Web Throwing an Error

Question: In SalesLogix v7.2 Web I have changed the date/time picker object
to a pick list that just contains strings and, using the Database
Manager, the field was updated from DateTime to String.

I updated the database binding for the .acsx, and changed the form from:

…WebEntityBinding(“CAccountIre.DateTendered”, dtpDateTendered, “DateTimeValue”, “”, null)

…WebEntityBinding(“CAccountIre.DateTendered”, pklDateTendered, “PickListValue”)

doing this, I receive the error: “February is not a valid value for
DateTime.: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.” when I choose
a picklist value and try to save.  I updated the datatype string in
Application Architect using the System Date Type Editor.  Why might this
be happening?

Answer: Besides making modifications to the database field in the Database
Manager, you will also need to modify the entity itself withing the
Application Architect.  This will cause the implementation code for the
entity to be created with that property as a string instead of
DateTime.  You will need to open the entity, locate the property, change
the data type of the property, and then do a full build and deploy

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