File Upload Limits in SalesLogix

Question: One of our SalesLogix users can’t upload a 45MB file and would like me to create a warning before before it times out and the standard runtime error message pops up. I don’t have any idea if there is a limit and I’m wondering if it might be the network conditions preventing the file being uploaded before the connection times out. How can I find out if there is a limit and if there is, how can I enforce it?

Answers: Within SalesLogix, IIS, and ASP.NET there are several limits that could create problems with file uploads.  In SalesLogix Web.Config check the httpRuntime entry and look for 2 items:

-MaxRequestLength: Defaul value = 4096 (4MB).
-ExecutionTimeout: Default value = 90 seconds

Here you should increase the size and timeout so that enough time is allocated before the request times out while uploading. Make your changes on the Application Architect so that they don’t get lost on a new deployment.

Look into AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed at the IIS level where the default level is 2MB.

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