Fix Sorting of Notes/History tab in SalesLogix 6.2

I received an e-mail this morning from Richard Weck of Harris Technology regarding a fix to the Notes/History tab in SalesLogix 6.2 Gold Release. Basically the sorting is broken. Below is the e-mail from Richard and the steps to fix the problem.

The released 6.2 Notes-History tabs have a defect in them (1-35550) in which all history is sorted by TYPE.  The sort should be by COMPLETEDDATE.  This was discovered in RC3 but NOT fixed before release.  Tim Montgomery reported that you could change the sort property under the COLUMNS property of the grid and it should work.  Well, I can report that this will not make the sort work properly.

I have discovered a line in the code that is turning the column sorts off right after the order by clause is established.  It can be found in the CommonCheckBoxChange method in the “Notes-History Common” script.  See the line commented out below.

For i = 0 To grdHistory.Columns.Count - 1
    Set col = grdHistory.Columns.Item(i)
    If col.Sorted <> 0 Then
        If col.Sorted = 1 Then
            strGridSQL = strGridSQL & " Order By " & col.FieldName & " Desc"
            strGridSQL = strGridSQL & " Order By " & col.FieldName & " Asc"
        End If
        'col.Sorted = 0 'This line was commented out by Harris Technology
        Exit For
    End If

Anyway, I have created a bundle that is free for your use, at your own risk, etc.  No warranties, implied or expressed, are provided.  Included are the
above mentioned script and the A/C/O Notes history tabs with the sort set for COMPLETEDDATE DESC. Thanks Richard!

Download the fixed tab in a bundle


Ryan Farley

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  1. That was a great help, had users complaining about this and could not wait for SP1.


    Lawrence Smith


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