Hide Infor CRM Groups in the Database

In Infor CRM (Saleslogix), having a large number of groups can adversely affect load times.  Newer versions set a limit on the number of  groups that display initially, but having a large number of groups can still affect load times.  It is possible to hide groups at the database level, prevent CRM from seeing them at all, thus speeding up load times.

The sysdba.plugin table in SQL is where all the groups are listed.  The sysdba.plugin field that is useful for our purposes is TYPE.  Account, Contact, and Opportunity Groups all have a TYPE of 8.  Most other groups that might slow things down by loading when a top-level page loads have a type of 23.  To hide a groups, all one needs to do is change the TYPE to a number the system does  not recognize, meaning it will be completely ignored.  The convention we commonly use is to place a 9 in front of the type: change TYPE 8 to 98, or TYPE 23 to 923; as neither of those TYPEs mean anything to Infor CRM.

Now, if you are having performance issues from too many groups, you are likely looking to hide many groups at once, so you will want to use a SQL statement.  Here are some example to help:


To pull a list of all groups in TYPE 8, except the ones that come standard from Infor:

select * from sysdba.plugin where type = 8 and company <> 'Saleslogix'

If you want just the ticket groups, you can add:

and family = 'ticket'


If you want to hide these same groups, you could use:

update sysdba.plugin set type = 98 where type = 8 and company <> 'Saleslogix'

Once again you could add a family such as ‘accounts’, or change type 23 to 923.

You could then run a similar statement to change the 923 or 98 types back to 23 or 8, if you want them visible again.

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