How can I reference the current ContactId from the SalesLogix History datagrid?


I am having trouble referencing the ContactID from frmContactDetail to populate a history datagrid.  I am calling a stored procedure and I need to pass in the ContactID.  I have tried Application.BasicFunctions.CurrentContactID, but it contains a null string.  It is populated in several places by using Application.BasicFunctions.SetCurrentContactID.  Theoretically it should work, however, it does not.


Also, how do I see the code behind…Application.BasicFunctions?


First, you can see the code behind Application.basicfunctions…this is all hard coded by SalesLogix.


One method to set the current Contact id would be to set global parameter tied to the main contact view

Application.GlobalInfo(“CurrentContactID”) = Application.BasicFunctions.CurrentContactID

You can then call it anywhere using

 strContactID = application.GlobalInfo.CurrentContactID


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