How do I capture the value for the ‘objMainView.Caption’ in the code I have written in SalesLogix?


SLX 6.2

I have a form which I launched via the code below

    Set objMainView = Application.MainViews.AddEx(“System:XYZ”, 0, False, 1, “”, “”)
                    objMainView.Caption =”Cancel ABCD”

On  the AXFormOpen event of the XYZ, I needed to capture the value for the ‘objMainView.Caption’ set above.


I was able to get it done with the code below

       If Application.MainViews(0).Caption = “My caption here” Then
                  ‘ do something 

       ElseIf Application.MainViews(0).Caption = “My preferred caption here” Then
                    ‘ do something else

       End If


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