How to change the Welcome Widget in Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix)

So you stare at the Welcome dashboard widget every time you log into Infor CRM and you get an advertisement for the software you already own.  Would you like to turn this into something useful instead? Read on to see just how easy it is.

Welcome Screen Standard

The Welcome dashboard widget in constructed of code and several code references, however, changing the image and the text can be done using the following steps.

First, let’s replace the Infor CRM screen shot with a new one, such as:


To do this, download or create an image file and replace the one that the widget code is calling for.  It is critical that you name the new file exactly the same as the stock one which is shown in this screen shot.CRM_Center Banner

Your new image file must be copied into the directory shown in this screen shot.  Rename or overwrite the stock image file.  The image size should be something similar to the stock one which is 344×170 pixels.  I had to play around with the size to get it to look right, and the extra white space around the image itself is unnecessary.

Welcome screen with new logo

Now we will work on the text.  The Header text “Welcome to Infor CRM” and the Body text are called in a reference statement in the Widget code but we are going to take the easy route instead. Open the Application Architect and select Tools from the top menu and then click on Manage Widgets. The below screen will come up, now select the Welcome Widget at the bottom of the list.

Widget Explorer

Line 21 defines the Header text.  You are going to delete resources.welcomeH2 and replace that with your new Header text.

Here is a screen shot with my new Header text on line 21. The text string must start and end with a single quote.

Welcome widget with new text

Line 22 is the text for the body of the widget and scrolls off to the right but ends with a single quote and comma just like line 21 does.  Keep the comma at the end of both lines as shown. Now click the Save button, then the Release button, select Everyone, and then OK.

Welcome screen with new text

This is what your new Welcome Widget will look like.  How cool is that?  The changes are live and no build or deploy is needed.  The changes will show up right away for your users once they leave the dashboard area, refresh the page, or when they first log in. (I notice a delay in my changes showing up some of the time.)

The Welcome screen is now a useful tool for communicating updates and announcements to your team.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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