How to Create a Filter to View the Active Marketing Contacts in Creatio

If you’re using Creatio for marketing the amount you pay to send bulk emails is based on the number of “active contacts”. An active contact is someone you’ve sent a bulk email to within your licensed year. It’s helpful to see how many active contacts you have because that affects ho much you pay to use the marketing features to send bulk emails from Creatio. In this article I will show you how to set up a filter in the contact section to view the active marketing contacts.

Filter Conditions

The conditions to see the active marketing contacts are:

  1. A contact has at least one “Response in Email” within the last 365 days that is not one of: Canceled (unsubscribed from all emails); Canceled (duplicated email); Canceled (email not provided); Canceled (incorrect email); Canceled (invalid email); Canceled (sender’s domain not verified); Canceled (sender’s name not valid); Canceled (template not found)


  2. Has at least one “Campaign participant” within the last 365 days


  3. Has at least one “Event participant” within the last 365 days

The filter will look like this:

With this filter set up you can easily see how many active marketing contacts you have. Keep in mind, some of this data is only updated once a day, so it won’t always be exactly correct until it is updated after sending a bulk email.

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