How to Disable Unused Jobs in Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) has a number of scheduled jobs it performs using the job server.  In recent versions of Infor CRM, many of these jobs deal with BOE (Back Office Extension) and/or integration with Infor’s ION product.  Some of these jobs run quite frequently, so if your CRM implementation does not make use of them, it can be a good idea to disable them.

The scheduled jobs are listed in the Scheduling.config file (default folder location: C:\ProgramData\Sage\Scheduling\Tenants\SlxJobService).  Open the file for editing, and locate the <jobs> section.  You will see that each job listed begins with “<job type=” and ends with “</job>”.   You can comment out a section of the file by putting <!– at the beginning of the section and –> at the end of the section.  Everything between those will be ignored.

In this specific case, find the first job that mentions ION or BOE, insert a blank line above it, and type


on the blank line.  Then scroll down and find the last job that mentions ION or BOE (it will be near the end, but not the very last job).  Insert a blank line below that one, and type


on that blank line. Then save the file.  Now restart the Saleslogix Cache Service and Job Service.  Please note these changes will be overwritten if the client sight is redeployed.

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