How to Fix the SalesLogix Web Customer Portal so Date Controls work


The standard SalesLogix customer portal site has a problem with date controls.  The calendar pop-up does not work.  It is strange because the supporting files involved around the calendar control are the same as the SalesLogix web client’s calendar control.  namely the files involved are all part of the ext-js framework which is an open source javascript extension used by SalesLogix.

SalesLogix has a javascript file called ext-all.js in the deployed site’s LibrariesExt folder (this is also under support files in the VFS).  If you modify this file and chnage one small bit of code the data controls work.

Open the file and search for:


You should only find one instance of this.

Change this to:



That fixes it.

This was the solution for a 7.5.1 system. 

Sage says this problem with Date Controls was fixed in 7.5.1 HF 6 but I found this still to be a problem in 7.5.2 hf 2.

I tried to repeat the above procedure in and it did not fix the issue.

What I had to do in was to also modify the ext-overrides.js file in the same fashion.

Open the file and search for:


should only find one instance of this.

Change this to:


Again this additional step was needed in 7.5.2 HF 2. 


Hopefully Sage will see this blog post and fix what is ailing the portal.  I hate to hack into things like this without understanding what is going on but at least I have the date controls working.  My guess is that this has something to do with the fact that the user logging into the web portal is not a SLX user.  I think that the SLX users have some kind of date offset in their profile for UTC time and the contacts logging into the customer portal do not.  This is just a guess though.


Update: This is still broken in 753.  You have to do the steps described in the 7.5.2 HF2 above to get this to work.



Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. Thanks Kris,
    That’s really fix my datetimepicker problem in SLXClient(7.5.2) also.
    I changed the ext-all.js and ext-overrides.js as you mentioned and the problem fixed.


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