How to Manually Create a New Lookup in Creatio

In this article I will be showing you how to create your own lookup from scratch. If you’re using the wizard to create a page it’s easy to let it just create the lookup for you but sometimes you need to just create a lookup on it’s own. I will show you the steps on how to do that in this article.

The steps to create a new lookup from scratch are:

  1. Create an object for the lookup
  2. Select parent “BaseLookup”
  3. Add to lookups area (which allows items to be added to the lookup)

First you’ll want to start by opening the configuration and create a new object. Once you give your object a name and title you’re going to want to change the parent object to “BaseLookup“.

Next you will go to the lookup area and click on the “New lookup” button. There you will give it a name and select the object that you just created.

Adding it to the lookup area will allow people to add items to the lookup. At this point the lookup you created is the same as the lookups created by the wizards.

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