How to Run a Report in Infor CRM Web Client

Running an out-of-the-box report in Infor CRM software is fairly straightforward, but it is easy to loose track of where the report ends up.  Here is a quick run-through.  To see a list of available reports, click Reports on the Nav Bar (left side of screen).

Nav Bar








From the list of Reports, right click on the Report you wish to run, and select whether to run it now, or schedule it to run later.

Run Report

Depending on the Report, you may have few or many options, including which file format you would like the Report to be in (PDF and CSV are the popular choices.)  Once the reports runs, you will end up at at screen like this:

Finished Report

At this point, you can click the link to the document to open the Report you have just run, or close the pop-up window.  What is not obvious is where to go to get the Report if you close this pop-up, or where to go to find Reports you had scheduled earlier.  The answer to both of the these is the History tab.  If you click the History tab in Reports, it shows you a list of all the Reports that have run, linked to each Report.

Reports History

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