Improving the SalesLogix Ticket Knowledge Base Crystal Report

The SalesLogix Support Ticket Knowledge Base Crystal Report is a very straight forward and well built document.  On this my second review of the document I almost left it as is but I came up with a couple of things that might make the report a little better.  Here is the initial review.

Start Excerpt ………. 

The Support Ticket Report provides all of the top level Ticket information.  The report is written very well, I could not find anything wrong from the development side of things.  Some things you could do would be to include Ticket History and Ticket Activity Summaries but this report is operating very well as is.

End Excerpt …….

I will add teh ticket Activites but I also thing I think I will add to the Notes Label the word “Internal”  to represent what field is actually being used.  I will also set up this section to display the words “There are no Internal Notes” instead of just displaying the empty Notes field.  Finally I will add some type of text based search criteria so an organization such as Customer FX, where we have built an extensive Knowledge base, can limit data based on key words or phrase.   I talked to Larry Halsrud our Director of Support and he liked this last idea, he said if  we extended the search to include Ticket Activities then we would really have a nice report. 

The first two items I have done many times in these blogs so today I will focus on the search criteria.  The first thing we need is a parameter field.  Name the parameter “Text”, the Type will be “String”, under the Value section add nothing to the list, under Value Options section I added the Prompt Text of “Enter your Search Criteria text to filter your search, or hit the space bar once to see all records. ” then set the Prompt with Description only to “True”, and Allow custom values to “True”.

With the Parameter established I added the following to the Record Selection Formula:


Lowercase({?Text}) in LowerCase({TICKETPROBLEM.NOTES})
Lowercase({?Text}) in LowerCase({TICKETSOLUTION.NOTES})
Lowercase({?Text}) in LowerCase({TICKETACTIVITY.ACTIVITYDESC})

BEcause Larry said that many times some of the detail on how he corrected an issue was in the detail of the Ticket Activity, I  built a sub report to show the Ticket Activities for any Tickets that qualified for the report.  I then played around with the alignments and formatting, I also removed all tables to the main report except ACCOUNT, TICKET, TICKETACTIVITY, TICKETPROBLEM, and TICKETRESOLUTION. Here is a screen shot.

For Customer FX I was asked to update this report a little more.  Larry wanted to be able to search by Account, and he wanted all tickets included in the search.  So I removed {TICKET.ADDKNOWLEDGE} = “T” and Added {?Account} = {ACCOUNT.ACCOUNT} from the Record Selection formula.  And created the following parameter field.  Name the parameter “Text”, the List of Values will be “Dynamic”, under the Value section I searched for and found the Account field, under Value Options section I added the Prompt Text of “Enter Account Name: ” then set the Prompt with Description only to “True”, and Allow custom values to “False”. 

Larry won’t stop drooling.  This report now does something that searching the knowledge base does not, search TicketActivity Notes.

Download the updated Report here and thanks for reading.

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Have a great day.

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