Including the Default Column Layout for a Detail in a Creatio Package

The column layout for a detail list in Creatio is meant to be something that a user can change. However, an administrator can set this for all users by selecting the “Save for all users” option when saving the column layout. This “default” layout for all users can also be included in a package and delivered to another system.

To be able to add the column layout in a package, you must first do the following:

  1. Set up the column layout – you do this as you normally would by selecting “Columns setup” off the three-dot menu for a detail
  2. Save the layout for all users – when you save the column layout, use the down arrow on the button to select “save for all users” (note, you must be a system administrator to do this)

With that done, all you need to do now is add a data element to your package. The data for the column layout will be located in the SysProfileData table.

  1. Add a Data element to your package
  2. Select SysProfileData as the object to get the data from
  3. On the column settings tab, add all columns (you don’t need Created by, Created on, Modified by, Modified on, and Unique identifier of object)
  4. IMPORTANT: Be sure to check the boxes as shown in the image below. For the Data column check Forced update, uncheck Id  in the Key column and instead check the columns Contact, Culture, Key.
  5. Now on the bound data tab, you’ll want to add the row where the Key value is PageSchemaName+DetailSchemaName. For example, if the page the detail is on is the Contact page which has a schema name of ContactPageV2, and the detail is named UsrSchema41e4e9efDetail then you’ll find the row with a Key value of “ContactPageV2UsrSchema41e4e9efDetail” – AND (this part is important) the Contact value is blank/null. The layout “for all users” as set when you “Save for all users” when setting up the layout, will have an empty Contact value. If it has a contact value, then it is only for the user/contact specified. Note, if your system has multiple languages, you’d bind the row for each separate culture (with and empty Contact value)

That is it. Now, when the package is installed, all users will have the default layout you specified when setting up the column layout and included in the package.

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Ryan Farley

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