Incompatibility between old SalesLogix and new Chrome

The most recent version of Chrome (as of this writing, Chrome version 67) is incompatible with some older versions of the SalesLogix web client. Users attempting to log in will see the page spin forever and never resolve.  This appears to affect versions of the SalesLogix web client older than 8.2.03.  This latest version of Chrome does not support one of the JavaScript toolkits (Dojo) used to create those older versions.  We do not have any word whether Google or Infor will be correcting this issue.  For now, if you are using a version of the SalesLogix web client older than 8.2.03, you should either avoid updating Chrome, or switch to another browser when using SalesLogix.

Edit: Having done further testing, Infor CRM (SalesLogix) version 8.3.2 is the oldest version we can confirm still works with Chrome 67.  We were unable to get an instance of Infor CRM 8.3.1 to load.

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  1. Any idea when this will get resolved? IE is very slowwwwww and my users really want Chrome back!

    • Lisa, I will be posting a fix for this today in another blog!

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