Infor CRM 8.1 Web Client Not Compatible with Chrome Touch Screen Drivers

We were recently contacted by a client who had a user unable to log in to the Infor CRM web client.  The user was logging in with Chrome on a Microsoft Surface tablet device.  As it turns out, the Infor CRM 8.1 web client is not compatible with Chrome’s touch screen drivers. If you are accessing the web client on a touch screen device, use some other browser such as IE or Firefox, not Chrome.


Alternately, you can get it to work in Chrome by disabling Chrome’s touch screen driver, but this will disable the touch screen in Chrome entirely, not just for Infor CRM web client.


  • Open Chrome, and go to Chrome://flags
  • Type [ctrl] f and search for touch.
  • Find Enable Touch Events, and use the dropdown to set to Disable
  • Click Relaunch Now, and Chrome with reload.

Chrome should now work with the Infor CRM web client, but the touch screen will be completely disabled in Chrome.

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  1. Thanx Dan,

    I just experienced this problem with Chrome version 69.0.3497.100 on a Windows 8.1 Surface, so I tried disabling “Touch Events API” and it solved the problem.

    As always, Dan has the answers!


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