Infor CRM SLX Address Field Designations

Have you ever noticed the checkboxes on the Address Add/Edit view?  These checkboxes are for Primary Address, Primary Billing, and Primary Shipping.

Address Checkboxes in Infor CRM SLX version 9.0


The checkboxes are represented in the database but which fields are they in the Address table?

The Primary Billing Checkbox is called “IsPrimary”

The Primary Shipping Checkbox is called “IsShipping”

The Primary Address checkbox was added in later versions of Infor CRM SLX. The field is represented in the database as “Primary Address”

In Infor CRM SLX version 9.0 when you are using the Query Builder you will notice that there are two fields with a display name of “Primary Address”.  One of these is actually the “IsPrimary” field. In order to verify which is which, you can double click on a field while in the Conditions tab and the Assign Condition edit box will pop up. In the “Field Name” you will be able to see if it is the Primary Address field or the IsPrimary field. (See graphic)


Assign Condition edit box in Infor CRM SLX version 9.0

If you are going to use these fields for Conditions while building a Group, the actual values in the field are represented by a “T” or “F”.

You can also verify this by clicking on the “Browse” button in the Assign Condition screen. This will show the actual values used in the database. Keep in mind, this will only show values if those checkboxes have been used.

I hope this helps in building groups on your address fields.

Happy hunting!

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