Infor CRM Web Client Throws Specific Error When Open in Multiple Tabs

Previously, I discussed how to check the Windows error logs for Infor CRM errors.  There is one particular type of error that turns up from time to time that I wanted to talk about.  A web client user will report an error, usually when they try to search.  If you check Applications log in the Event Viewer on the web server, you find a 5025 error recorded for Saleslogix Web Client.  The thing that gives this one away, if you scroll down the error a bit, you will see the SQL statement that is not working, and it has several entries that start with A1, A2, A3, etc. as see below.

This sort of error means that SQL is trying to do a search, but the values are all wrong for the table being searched.  Pretty much the only time we see this error is when a user has the web client open in multiple tabs.  The way browser caching works, all the web client tabs share a single cache.  So, if multiple web client tabs are open, any time Infor CRM pulls from the cache, it could be data from any of the tabs.  This can cause several issues, but the most notable one is the error above.  (If you absolutely need it open more than once, you can get around this by opening it in two completely different browsers, for example: open Infor CRM in one tab on Firefox, and one tab on Chrome.)

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