Infor is Making Changes to Remote Infor CRM Cloud Access


Big changes ahead when Infor CRM v8.4.01 Cloud is released.

Infor has announced a big change to RDP access for customers and Business Partners coming with version 8.4.01 Cloud – namely that the access will be removed.  Should a customer or Business Partner require RDP access they will now need to make a request and wait for it to be granted.  Infor has stated to expect a minimum of 1-hour for an access request to be processed.  We’ve thought of quite a few ways this could be detrimental to customer’s, or their Business Partner’s, ability to troubleshoot issues and make changes: access to event logs for troubleshooting, restarting a job server, installing bundles, and performing a build and deploy all require RDP access.  This change could end up being a big pain and patience will be required as customers and Business Partners adjust to the new way of doing things.  Check out the full release regarding Infor CRM Cloud RDP access below:


As part of our ongoing commitment to improve CRM SaaS subscription security and availability, as of version we will be tracking implementation phases, Go-Live status, and customer requested maintenance windows. This will enable us to better throttle our monitoring and automations while in the implementation phase or during maintenance windows as well as maintain better auditing of changes being made to the Customer environments.

What does this mean for new customers?

New customers will begin in an implementation phase where we will have limited monitoring in place while the Partner/ICS and or Customer performs work on the system via RDP access. Prior to the Go-Live date, Operations will review the environment and work with the Implementation Partner if there are any found issues that could impact the Go-Live. When the environment has Gone-Live, it will be considered in Production, full monitoring will be enabled, and RDP access will be removed.

What if the Customer or Partner/ICS needs to work on the environment after Go-Live?

A maintenance window for RDP access can be easily requested via email. What about existing customer environments? Existing CRM SaaS environments will be migrated to this after an upgrade to is completed.

Are there any exceptions?

Customers that currently have a KnowledgeSync or MCS server will retain RDP access to those servers post-upgrade to However, they will not have access to any other servers in their Production environment, outside of an approved maintenance window.

What about Staging or QA environments?

RDP access to Staging or QA environments will not be restricted and these environments will be minimally monitored as Non-Production.

How do I request a maintenance window for access?

To request send an email to Include time frame, reason for the request, and public IP. Please allow a minimum of one hour for the request to be processed. es here

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