Installing the New “Word” Addin for Infor CRM

Installing the New Word Addin for Infor CRM

You can get the new Word Addin from your Infor CRM partner or from the Infor CRM Support site.

This new Word Addin allows you to run Mail Merge for Infor CRM without dependence on Internet Explorer 11, which has now been decommissioned.

This new Addin is not dependent on ANY browser. You can run this directly from your Microsoft Word program.

Once you have downloaded the InforCRMWordAddinSetup.exe, you can place it on your desktop and double click on it.


You can check the box to agree to the license terms and conditions. Then click on Install.

It is a very quick install. When it is finished you will see the following screen.


Click on close when it is finished.

This installation needs to be done on each computer that requires the Mail Merge functionality.

When the Addin has been installed, you then open your Word program.


Go to the Mailings Menu at the Top of the screen and choose Infor CRM SLX Options


You will then need to enter your Sdata URL and the Web Client URL. Do not copy what is in the graphic. This will be specific to your company.

In the user name field you will put your Infor CRM username and password. If you are the Administrator, you can put in the Admin user and password to convert templates.

Once you have the username and password, click on Test.

Make sure it tests out successfully. If not, correct your settings and try again. Once it tests successfully, you can click on OK and close your Infor CRM SLX Options.

Next you can click on the Manage Templates menu item.


Note: When you first open this screen you may not see anything. Click on Convert once and your templates will show up.

If you are logging in as Admin, you can convert all of the Templates. If you are logged in as a user, you can only convert the Templates that the user owns.

This will take time if you have a lot of Templates.

Once you have converted your templates, you can run a Mail Merge.

The conversion of templates is not perfect. Make sure you run your templates and correct any errors in your template set up. You may have to delete some merge fields and re-add them into your template so the formatting works correctly with the new Addin.

Once you have your templates completed, you can use the Compose Mail Merge menu item to run a Mail Merge for a single Contact or a group of Contacts.



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