Installing Xbar for Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and Outlook

If you are using a current or recent past version of Infor CRM (Saleslogix), the way to transfer data between CRM and Outlook is the Xbar application.  The current version of Xbar (1.3.7 as of this writing) is compatible with all version of Infor CRM (Saleslogix) 8.2.02 or later, and also works with 8.1.08.  It can be used with all Outlook 2010 or later, including Office 365, but does not work with the browser-based version.  It also requires a working SData portal, and that users be assigned to the Standard User role (both normal for most CRM installations).

The install program Infor CRM Xbar Setup.exe may be downloaded from Infor, and requires local admin rights to install. For CRM clients using the LAN Client, the best way to Install Xbar is to place the Install program in some shared folder that can easily be accessed by users on the network.  Users should copy the install program to their local machines, and run it.

For CRM clients using the Web Client, it is possible to install Xbar directly from the web site.  Placing the install program in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SlxClient\Libraries\DesktopIntegration folder on the web server will make it available to users.  Users then choose Options from the Tools menu.  In the Options window that opens, click the link for Install Xbar for Outlook.  This downloads the program.  Users may accept the option to Run the downloaded program, or may go to downloads folder and run it from there.

After installing, Xbar will appear as a panel in Outlook.  In order to connect to CRM, users will need to go to the Infor CRM Connection Options section of Xbar and enter their CRM username and password (or verify they are using Windows Authentication).  They must also enter the URL for the SData portal  under Service URL.  Web Client users may enter the Web Client address under Client URL to enable them to launch the web client directly from Outlook.  LAN client users who leave Client URL blank will be able to launch the LAN client directly from Outlook.

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