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KnowledgeSync v8.0 Demo for SalesLogix

Find out what’s new and how using this business activity monitoring
solution with your SalesLogix system can benefit you!


are still spots left for our demo of the newest version
of KnowledgeSync, and if you have not registered there is
still time.  This will be an in-depth demo and is a great opportunity
to discover more about KnowledgeSync.   

About KnowledgeSync v8.0:

Vineyardsoft is pleased to announce the availability of the industry’s
first Instant Message and Twitter™ Alerts modules in version 8.0 of
KnowledgeSync. These modules enable organizations to deliver real-time
business alerts to their employees’ desktops and mobile devices, using both
Twitter as well as the industry-leading IM solutions.

Instant message delivery means that users no longer have to take any action
(such as opening email) in order to be informed. Instead, KnowledgeSync’s
Instant Message Alerts (IMA) module automatically pops up a message on the
appropriate users’ desktops – giving each user the opportunity to review
the contents of that message.

Also introduced in version 8.0, Twitter Alerts operates similarly to IM
Alerts in that they allow users to be kept informed about critical business
activities. But unlike IM Alerts, Twitter Alerts are ideal for managerial
and C-level executives who wish to receive concise, periodic updates on the
performance of their business. Among the most popular uses of Twitter
Alerts are support staff load balancing, daily sales statistics, and
project completion status alerts.

KnowledgeSync Demo for SalesLogix presented by Tricia Cate of
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 2pm CST
Online via GoToWebinar
Cost: Free!


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