Literals that can be used to build group queries in Infor CRM

The Infor CRM Group Builder has some literals that can be used in making groups. Literals are variables that can be used in conditions for a group. They represent something that doesn’t necessarily exist in the data itself.┬áThe literal is replaced with some dynamic value at runtime.

Group Builder Literals

Why Would You Use a Literal?

Let’s say I want to create a group that shows *my* opportunities (where I am the account manager) called “My Opportunities”. I could add a condition to the group where “Dale Richter is the account manager”. That would work, but then if I shared that group with everyone else, they would go to the “My Opportunities” group that I created and not see their opps, but the opps where Dale Richter is the account manager. With using a literal, instead of adding the condition where “Dale is the account manager” you’d use the “:UserID” literal so the condition would read more like “where :UserID is the account manager”. The “:UserID” literal is replaced at runtime with the current user, so then the “My Opportunities” group you created would display different results based on who is looking at it, it would show the current users opportunities.

Another example is a group that would show expired opportunities. This would use the “:now” literal with a condition of “where estimated close < :now”. The “:now” literal is replaced with the current date/time, so the group would constantly change based on the current date/time, showing all opps with estimated close dates smaller (earlier than) the current date/time.

How To Use Literals

The most common literals are the “:UserID”, “:OwnerID”, and “:now” literals. When adding a literal to a group, you just type in the literal into the value box (without quotes) and check the “Use value as literal” checkbox.


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