Looking at Stonefield Query for Sage SalesLogix (Part 4)

The last couple of weeks I have been working on a series of posts introducing Stonefield Query for Sage SalesLogix.  The first two posts have been focused on set up and interface layout. Last week we created our first report.  This week we are going to see if our report can handle custom tables.  I have created an add on module we call Power2Project for the Sage SalesLogix Web.  We will use this module to test out how Stonefield Query can include custom tables.

My report layout will be simple, I will list the Account, Project Name, and some of the project numbers.  I think my previous post explained well enough how to start a new report so we will not go into those details.

Here is the first screen of my wizard, notice that I selected the Data group of SalesLogix.  I learned from trial and error last week that this is one way of filtering down the list of available tables.

 Here on step 2 we see the custom tables already available for us to select from.  Again, find the tables that you need for your report and then select the fields for the report by moving them from the list on the left to the list on the right.  Once the fields are on the left you can start setting their properties by highlighting and selecting the “Properties” button.

Here I am setting the properties of the EstimatedBudget field. This is a currency field.

I went to the format tab and unselected the “Use Default Format” check box which then enabled the rest of the the fields for selection.  “Display $” was an obvious choice.  I learned from trial and error that you also need to set the “Decimal places”.  If not your value will look something like this, $25500.0000000.  I went through and set the properties on each field.  For this report there was a lot of mouse clicking when setting the properties for these field.  To be honest I found this to be a little irritating.  I looked for and could not find a format painter so you could set the format of one field and then paint others similar fields.    Once you get into the Advanced Layout section for this report, I think you could set up the field the way you want and then copy it and then point the new field at a different database field to minimize all of the clicking.

With no Filters or Expressions I skipped step 3 in the wizard. I set the sorting to Account in step 4.  In step five I used the Advance Layout and drew the report out they way I wanted.

OK – not exactly like I wanted but close enough for this test.  We confirmed that Stonefield Query for Sage SalesLogix does work with custom tables.  I also confirmed my suspicion on copying the fields and resetting the source field to minimize clicking when setting properties.  Always seems to be more then one way to skin a cat in this tool, I like that.  Next week I want to try filtering, after that I want to see if using SQL View is possible with this tool. 

 Thanks for reading! Stay safe and keep smiling.

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