Mail Merge Templates in Infor CRM Web Client with Office Integration

For the past couple of posts (here and here), we have talked about Office Integration and mail merge in Infor CRM.  Mail merge is basically a form email in which the personal information from each recipient is automatically filled in with data from Infor CRM.  The un-personalized version is known as the template.  While Office Integration does come with some default templates, You will likely want to edit or create you own for this feature to be truly useful.

To create or edit the template used for a mail merge, you would go to the Write menu.  This menu is present in certain entities only (Contacts, Accounts, and Leads), though, unlike when sending a mail merge,  it does not matter which group you are in within the entity.  In the Write menu, choose Manage Templates to go to the list of templates.  Depending on how the templates are shared, it will may not be possible to edit some or all of the templates, so if you do want to make modifications to an existing one, the best course is to copy the template you wish to modify, and then edit your copy.

Merge Templates

Editing a template will bring up Infor CRM’s E-mail Editor.  At the bottom of this window is a Word editor for editing the body of the email, with fields from Infor CRM set in <<double brackets>>. Up at the top are the mail-merge-specific controls, where you can set email options such as the format, subject line, and and attachments.  You can also edit which the Infor CRM fields available to be inserted into the body of the mail merge.

Edit Merge Template

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