Merging Records in Infor CRM Web Client

Merging Records in Infor CRM Web Client

Are you getting an error while Merging Records? Did you think if you are an Admin user, you should be able to Merge any record?

There are prerequisites that must be met in order to Merge Records.


  1. The user must be a member of the role that has the Merge Action for the Entity you are trying to Merge. If you have the Administrator Role, you will have the Secured Action for Merging.
  2. User must have permission to delete records for specified entity.
  3. User must be defined as a “Team Owner” for the teams they will be merging records for. The Team Owner Profile is a security profile and is commonly set to be Read/Write. If you are receiving an error, this is most like the issue. Go into the User Profile and change the Security Profile for each of the Teams to “Team Owner” Profile. If this is the user that would normally merge records, I would make sure they have the Team Owner Profile on all Teams.

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Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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