Modifying SLX Mobile 2.0 to deploy customizations on a normal App Architect deployment

 In order to have your customizations, that have been added to the SalesLogix Mobile 2.0 client, be deployed to your web site during the normal SalesLogix deployment, you will need to modify a support file used by the Application Architect to determine what gets deployed.

To modify this file perform the following:

  • In The Application Architect’s Project Explorer, browse to Portal Manager…Sage SalesLogix Mobile 2.0…Support Files…Source…Products…Argos-SalesLogix…Build.
  • In this folder you will see a release.jsb2 file.  Double click the file to edit it.
  • If you scroll down to the end of the file you will see a block of Resources.  This screen shot shows the standard code highlighted.

  • You will want to add a block of code before the closing ] mark.  Right before the closing ] add the following code:

      “src”: “../content/javascript”,
      “dest”: “content/javascript”,
      “filters”: “.*\.js”

  • The code should now look like this, with the new code shown highlighted:

  • Save your changes.

What this code is doing is telling the deployment we want to take all files in the content/javascript folder that exists one level up in the VFS from the release.jsb2 file.  We will then copy those contents into the deployment folder content/javascript.  The last parameter is to only include files in this operation with an extension of js.  Of course the exact code you may need to add into your deployment may be different depending on where your source files are and where you want them deployed to.



Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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