More Command-line switches for Infor CRM Xbar

In last week’s post I mentioned it is possible to install Infor CRM Xbar from the command line, and showed some switches or arguments you could use with it.  Today, I have serveral more, all used for installing only the parts of Xbar you want your users to have access to.  These only work on more recent versions of Xbar, but there is really no reason not to be using a recent version.

If installing Xbar version 1.3 or later (an you really should be at this point), you can choose to install only half of Xbar’s functionality, if desired. DI_ONLY=1 installs all the intergration pieces, including Send to CRM and Record to Histoy, but not the Xbar side panel in Outlook. XBAR_ONLY=1 installs only the Outlook side bar, but no integration features.

If installing 1.3.7 or later, you can get even more granular, and omit any of the following features by setting their value to 0. (1 is the default, so you only need use these arguments if omitting.)


Note that there is no particular harm in installing all of Xbar when on certain features are used, the main benefit of omission would be to avoid confusing end-users with unused buttons.

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