Multi-Select Text Field Setup for Creatio from Customer FX Now Available in the Creatio Marketplace

Customer FX has a new release in the Creatio Marketplace that is now available. This is a developer toolkit for adding a multi-select text control to any page in Creatio. Although it’s a developer toolkit and does require some development to use, the dev skills needed is really pretty minimal. It’s actually pretty easy.

Download the Multi-select Text Field Setup for Creatio in the Marketplace

This control gives you a text-based control where you populate the text from a multi select lookup. The selected values are added as a comma-delimited text value in the control. This is 100% identical to a muti-select picklist in Infor CRM, which is why I created this control in the first place. For migrations from Infor CRM to Creatio, there’s cases where migrating a multi-select picklist by splitting it to multiple rows in a detail is just overkill, especially when the value is wanted as a comma-delimited text value in the first place. Note, if you do want to store the values separated in a detail object, using the Multiple choice field setup for Creatio is an excellent choice.

Here’s a preview of how it works.


As I mentioned, the control is easy to add to any page. You basically just add a text field to a page and then add just a few pieces of Javascript to covert it into the Multi-select text control. It includes documentation on how to add it to a page as well. If you’d like to give it a try, add the package from the marketplace in a Creatio system and follow the steps in the video tutorial below.


Tutorial: Using the Multi-select Text Edit Control for Creatio

Download the Multi-select Text Field Setup for Creatio in the Marketplace

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    Question, do this package work on Freedom 8.1?

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