Navigating to a Page via Code in a Creatio Freedom UI Page

To programmatically navigate to a page from a Creatio Freedom UI Page you’ll use the HandlerChainService. This new module is the new DevKit SDK equivalent to using openCardInChain in classic pages, as I showed in a previous article.

To use this devkit, you’ll need to add “@creatio-devkit/common” to the modules list of your page. This will look like this (note the “@creatio-devkit/common” in the square brackets and the sdk without quotes in the parenthesis):

define("UsrMyCustomEntity_FormPage", /**SCHEMA_DEPS*/["@creatio-devkit/common"] /**SCHEMA_DEPS*/, 
function/**SCHEMA_ARGS*/(sdk)/**SCHEMA_ARGS*/ {
	return {
		// ... the rest of the page here

Now, with that module available, you can access things in the SDK such as the HandlerChainService module. This article will focus on opening a page given its schema name. This is useful for opening a page that is not bound to a particular record. For example, a dashboard/home page or a section list page. In a future article I’ll outline how to open a page in add or edit mode.

Given the schema name for the orders section, which is named OrderSectionV2, we would open it from a Freedom UI page by first creating an instance of the HandlerChainService, then issue a crt.openPageRequest and provide the schema name for the Orders section (or whatever static page we want to navigate to).

const handlerChain = sdk.HandlerChainService.instance;

// navigate to the Orders section
await handlerChain.process({
	type: "crt.OpenPageRequest",
	schemaName: "OrderSectionV2",
	$context: request.$context

In the code above, we’ve provided the schema name to open. The result will be that the user will navigate to the Orders section.

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