New Feature Alert: InboxGuru for Infor CRM Now Has A/B Testing

A feature all marketers should utilize.

InboxGuru recently announced the addition of A/B testing (also called split testing) to their marketing automation application, something I consider a big win for both the product and for anyone who is trying to get the most out of their email marketing campaigns.  It can be hard to imagine, but small changes to your emails can have a big impact on your opens and clicks.  The ability to take a subset of your email campaign list, send email A to one half and email B to the other, and then measure the results enables you to send the best possible email to the remaining campaign contacts.  In InboxGuru you can find the results of your A/B test on the View Statistics screen:

(This is obviously from a demo system, make sure to send to a large enough subset of your contact email list to produce meaningful results.)

If you’ve been looking for marketing automation that integrates seamlessly with Infor CRM, is easy to use, and has features that make a difference to your marketing efforts, InboxGuru is worth taking a look at.  Want to see it in action?  View a recording of the demo we did in January, or contact us for a live demo.


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