New Features in SalesLogix v7.5.3

 This is what you have to look forward to:

New Web Administrator Tool: This new tool does not replace the current SalesLogix Administrator, which you’ll still have to access to do some things; however the new Web-based administrator lets you access common administrator tasks via the Web such as managing users and teams, pick lists, products, etc.          Competitors – add, edit, or delete competitors that can be associated to an opportunity.

  • Departments – add, edit, or delete departments that can be used as a specialized team.

  • Lead Sources – add, edit, or delete lead sources that identify how a contact or lead was created.

  • Literature Items – add, edit, or delete literature items available for literature requests.

  • Library – add, edit, or delete library folders and documents.

  • Pick Lists – add, edit, or delete pick lists to help users improve data consistency.

  • Products and Packages – add, edit, or delete products and product packages (a collection of products) that can be associated to an opportunity or sales order.

  • Teams – create and manage teams that can be used to define account ownership and access.

  • Users – add users, manage profiles, and set security.

  • Roles – manage a user’s access to Web Client features by role.
 Enhancement to Library·         Manage Library folders and documents.  Update to Literature Requests·         Fulfill, complete, or reject literature requests.  Desktop Integration for: ·         Drag and Drop Attachments

  • Drag and Drop E-mail from Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook Integration – Send SLX and Record to History

  • Mail Merge

  • Export to Excel

  • Drag and Drop Library files (Administrator only)
 All of these features are browser agnostic, i.e., Firefox or Internet Explorer. Sleek New Welcome Page WidgetsCoupled with a visual refresh to the Welcome page, v7.5.3 offers new widgets enabling users to further personalize their Welcome page and workspace tabs and share that content with other users.  ·         Group List Widget: customize to show a list for any entity or group within an entity, set list to show top number of records (e.g., top 10 opportunities), and work with it /sort it as you would a standard grid.

  • Link Widget: lets you bookmark your favorite areas or entities in the product or even favorite Websites or sources outside Sage SalesLogix

  • Charting Widgets: create custom charts for any entity, group, dimension (filter) and metric that enable you to analyze data including bar, column, funnel, line, and pie charts.


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