Preparing a Connection String for External Database to SalesLogix

Question: I need to read data from a SQL database that is sitting on the
same server as SalesLogix, and insert the records from the database into
SalesLogix.  My problem is I’m not sure how to prepare a connection
string for the external database.

Provider=Microsoft.sqloledb;Database=dbname; server=servername; uid = user; pwd=password

Can you provide me with information/instruction?

Answer: Start by creating an empty text file on your desktop and name it
test.udl.  ‘UDL’ stands for Universal Data Link file.  Double-click your
folder to open the connection builder.  Input the connection info for
the external data, this will be saved in the UDL file.  Next, edit the
UDL file using Notepad, you’ll find your connection string here.


You can also try building a connection object in SSIS and use this
to transfer data into SalesLogix with SQL.  This is the best route to go
if you are writing a routine that performs regular data transfers.


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