Product Update: Creatio 8.1.2

You’re going to want this update. Creatio 8.1.2 is being rolled out to customers, and with it are significant enhancements that will impact user productivity within their respective roles, particularly with the introduction of new apps tailored to Marketing Creatio users.  Below are some of the highlights of the newest version of Creatio as well as a link to the full product update.

Lead Generation

Introducing an enhanced Lead Generation app within Creatio CRM, designed to streamline your customer qualification process. Lead generation is a crucial task of marketing.  You can have great ideas to generate new leads, but if you don’t have the tools to make it happen you’ll fall short.  Now you can easily manage the initial stages of lead generation, starting from form submissions sourced from integrated landing pages, and progressing through nurturing contact needs via a range of marketing automation workflows. Leveraging insights from Matomo web analytics, these workflows are optimized to utilize diverse data sets efficiently.

This app is available for Marketing Creatio users automatically.

Event Management

If you host webinars, training sessions, product launches, seminars, or any other type of event that requires successful planning, promotion, and management, the Event Management app is going to make your life so much easier!  Event Managment offers comprehensive features to make sure your event is a success by streamlining registration processes, enhancing attendee engagement through personalized experiences, and gaining valuable insights to measure and optimize your event.  Well managed, successful events will bring a lead one step closer to becoming a customer, as well as increasing the loyalty of established customers.

This app is available for all Marketing Creatio users automatically.

Knowledge Management

Playbook is a feature that will provide important information to the user as they move through different predefined stages of a dynamic case.  In the above example a user is working through the stages of an opportunity, and information to assist them is readily availble using the Playbook component.  Configure the articles in the Playbooks section of the Knowledge Management app.

End User Experience

There’s a new section in the Freedom UI which allows you to manage calls.  The Calls section has useful filters so you can find call records easily, and the form page has metrics that provide convenient overviews of the most important call timing values.

Additional helpful improvements…

  • It is now possible to work with static folders of Classic UI objects in Freedom UI. You can add static folders, bulk add records to or remove them from the folder, and convert dynamic folders to static folders.
  • Content Designer now checks whether the format is supported when you upload an image.
  • Creatio now makes multiple attempts to send an email if the first attempt fails with “Internal server error,” for example, due to temporary server issues.
  • You can now send calendar invitations to meeting participants in Freedom UI using the “Send invite” button action.
  • Multiple improvements to the SSO configuration UI.

You can find more details and the complete list of new features and enhancements here.

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