Prompting a User For Information Using a Mini Page From a Creatio Process

The mini page is a new way to prompt for information when using a pre-configured page in a process. This is a new feature that was added in Creatio version 8.0.10 and it can be very helpful and be used in many ways. In this article I will be showing an example of one way you could use this mini page in a process. Before we get started there are 2 must haves in order to use the pre-configured mini page. You must be using Freedom UI Shell and your Creatio version has to be version 8.0.10 or higher.

In this example we will prompt the user with a mini page to select a new owner for the account page. The end result will look like this.

First step will be to get started on our process which will be a pretty short and simple one. First thing to do is create a unique identifier process parameter and name it AccountId and we’ll save that for later. Then we’ll add the pre-configured page and when clicking the add page button make sure you choose Freedom UI.


Our page itself is going to be very simple, we’ll just have the label and add a contact lookup for selecting the new owner.

Once we’ve created our mini page we’ll add an IF for if the user either saves or cancels the page. If they save then it’ll go to a modify data to update the accounts owner to the new contact the user selected on the mini page else the process will just end.

Once we have our process finished we’ll go to the account page and add a button wherever you want, I placed mine under the owner field. When you add your button you’ll then make sure to change the action to “Run process” and then select the process we just created. For the “Process parameter where the record is passed” you’ll select the AccountId parameter that we created at the very beginning.

Once you do this your button should be all good and you can go ahead and click it to run your process.

Using the mini page is a great new way to interact with users through processes.

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