Why am I Receiving an Error Message While Trying to Build SalesLogix v7.2 Web Platform?

Question:  While trying to build a Web platform in SalesLogix v7.2 I am receiving the following error message –
An application error has occurred.
Additional information:
-> Build Failed. (Sage.Platform.AdminModule)
-> Cannot find virtual directory with path ModelEntity Model (Sage.Platform.VirtualFileSystem)
Answer:  The first step you will want to take is to go to the Project Explorer and open the folders.  Do you see anything in the folders?  Most likely you are receiving this message because the folders are empty. 
This probably happened for 1 of 2 reasons – either your database was upgraded from a previous version and the step that installs the content into the VIRTUALFILESYSTEM table was missed, or you have created a new Project on your local hard drive and forgot to check the “export files” check box while you were doing it.

If reason 1 is the cause, you can go back and redo this step, or it may be possible to copy content from SLXBlank (you will need to install the Service Pack bundles into the VFS after).  It might not be a bad idea to go through and make sure no other steps were missed in the upgrade process.

If reason 2 is the cause you can go into Project Workspace and import the files from your VFS project.

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