Redirect from the Default Web Page to the Infor CRM Web Client

In a typical out-of-the-box web setup of Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix), users will access the Infor CRM web client at http://servername/slxclient/Login.aspx (or /Windows.aspx if using Windows authentication).  Some of our clients prefer to set up a redirect to this page, so they do not need to use that particular URL.  There are several ways to handle this in IIS, but the best way we have found is to actually place the redirection in the body of the default web page.  Among other advantages, this method works well with Windows authentication.

To put this in place, use Notepad to create a new document.  Use the following as the contents of the document:


<%@ Page Language=”C#” %>









(If using Windows authentication, replace Login.aspx with Windows.aspx.)

Save this document at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Redirect.aspx (or wherever the root of your web folder is).

Now we need to tell IIS to use this as the default document.  Open IIS and select the root of your Saleslogix web site.  Double click Default Document.  Select Add (on the upper right) and type in the name of the document you just saved.  (Redirect.aspx)  You should now see your document at the top of the Default Document list.

Now, if user visit http://servername, they will be sent to Redirect.aspx, which will send them to the correct start page for Infor CRM web client.  (Note, some of these paths or file names might need to be adjusted if you have set up your web server other than the default.)

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