References for the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) OLE DB Provider

The Infor CRM OLE DB Provider (SLXOLEDB) is like any standard OLE DB Provider, such as the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server. Internally in all Infor CRM applications (Web, LAN, Mobile/SData, etc), ultimately use this OLE DB Provider for any and all database access. With a connection string you can connect to, and work with, an Infor CRM database. It can be used to access and update data in the Infor CRM database through executing SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, & DELETE statements. If using a .NET language, you would use the classes found in the System.Data.OleDb namespace, such as OleDbConnection, OleDbCommand, etc and use a connection string specific to the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider. The only real difference between the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider and other OLE DB providers is that the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider also provides the following automatically:

  1. Record access security: When issuing a SELECT statement through the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider the records returned a based on the user credentials the connection is made with. For example, if connecting as the user “lee” any SELECT statements will only return the records that the user “lee” has access to.
  2. Synchronization Logging: The Infor CRM OLE DB Provider will automatically create log files for synchronizing data to remote users. This obviously only matters if your Infor CRM implementation includes remote users. If you do not have remote users, the provider will not create unnecessary synchronization files, but the support is there for implementations with remote users.
  3. Internal Procedures: The Infor CRM Provider includes internal procedures, or functions. These work just like any stored procedure but these procedures do not exist in the database. These exist only in the provider itself. When one of these procedures is executed, the provider will execute whatever the procedure does and return the results. An example is the SLX_DBIDS procedure to create a table ID value.

Infor CRM OLE DB Provider References

Finding references and documentation for the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider can be difficult. That is what the point of this post is, to provide a list of known documentation for the OLE DB Provider.

Additional Infor CRM OLE DB Provider References

Typically, using the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider means you are writing a lot of queries for SELECT, INSERTm UPDATE, & DELETE statements. However, there is an easier way to write code using the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider. Sublogix is a free .NET library from Customer FX that allows you to use an object model and repository. All creates, reads, updates, & deletes are done using objects and does everything through the Infor CRM OLE DB Provider.


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