References for the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) SData REST API

The Infor CRM SData REST API is a web API that allows you to access the entire Infor CRM entity model, complete with business rules & events defined in the Application Architect along with other system data such as users, picklists, etc. The SData API allows you to interact with Infor CRM data over the internet or network without needing visibility to the database server itself. In addition to SData being available for use in external applications, the Infor CRM Web and Mobile clients use SData internally as well (in fact, the SData API is the only method used for connections in the Infor CRM Mobile client). The name “SData” originally meant “Sage data” and was a specification created by Sage (from when the SalesLogix product was owned by Sage). The SData specification resembles OData, the open data protocol originally drafted by Microsoft.

SData works by sending and receiving payloads via URLs that match the SData specification. By default, SData URLs return Atom syndication formatted XML with a nested payload inside, however this default behavior can be overridden to instead return and accept JSON by including “format=json” to all URLs when working with SData (this is the way I recommend using SData 100% of the time)

When working with SData you are working with the exact same entities defined in the Application Architect. This means that the entity events also apply. For example, if you’ve created an OnAfterInsert event for the Contact entity that creates a scheduled phone call for the Contact’s account manager, this will also apply to Contact’s created via SData.

Infor CRM SData References (Includes Documentation & Libraries)

Finding references and documentation for the Infor CRM SData API can be difficult. That is what the point of this post is, to provide a list of known documentation and articles for the Infor CRM SData API.

  • SalesLogix SData Endpoint Whitepaper: An overview of all endpoints implemented in SData. Note, this document was originally created for SalesLogix v7.5.4, however, all information is relevant to current versions of Infor CRM SData
  • Official SData Specification: Outlines how SData URLs are formed, describes the payloads for doing queries, reads, creates, updates, deletes, as well as service operations (business rules) and batch operations
  • SData Developer Series: A series of articles from Customer FX on the topic of SData
  • DotNetSDataClient Documentation: Official documentation for the .NET SData Client Library for working with SData from a .NET language. Very detailed documentation that includes all aspects of working with the Infor CRM data and system. Also supports linq queries and asynchronous usage. Note: this library can be obtained via the NuGet packaging system
  • DotNetSDataClient Source Code: Source code for the official .NET SData Client Library
  • SDataCSharpClientLib: Older (but still relevant) library for working with SData via .NET (Note: providing this for completeness sake. The newer DotNetSDataClient is the preferred library to use from .NET with SData)
  • SDataJavaScriptClientLib: Official JavaScript library for working with SData
  • sage-sdata.php: Unofficial 3rd-party PHP library for working with SData

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