Removing Bundles


When you receive a bundle to test, make sure you load that bundle into a test system first. Once you have tested your bundle and want to apply to the LIVE database, you can do so. If for some reason this bundle needs to be removed, you do not need to remove the entire bundle. Although sometimes this may be preferred.

What am I talking about????? If you have been using functionality from a bundle for a period of time, you may have data that has been placed into tables and fields that were installed as part of the bundle. You can certainly remove a bundle, but not remove the tables and fields within that bundle. This will ensure that you data stays in place until you have the corrected bundle installed.

When you install or uninstall a bundle you have the option to check or uncheck the items you want installed or removed. Please be certain that you want all items removed before doing so. If you remove a table that contains data, you are going to lose that data.

Good luck and go with CAUTION!


Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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