Resolving Invalid Directory Errors In Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix) Speedsearch

When configuring SpeedSearch you typically share the SpeedSearch Directory and all the subdirectories are now shared and available for users.   We have seen the network permissions prevent the subdirectories from inheriting this share.  When that happens you will see a path similar to \\server\\SalesLogix come up in the error message when you conduct a search.  In this example, SalesLogix is the folder under the SpeedSearch folder, and the name of the connection.  To resolve this issue, manually share the folder, in our example SalesLogix, and the SpeedSearch service will have access to the index collection under the SalesLogix folder.


  1. Wondering if you could help regarding Speed Search issue.
    When I search for accounts using the speed search, from the result when I click on an account it displays a blank page. I tried the same action by login via an admin user and it works fine. Any idea why this is happening. It only happens with 1 user.

    • Kenny,

      Is this user in a team that can view the accounts that are returned? Does speedsearch work logged in as this user on another computer? Does this user belong to a “Saleslogix user” team that has access to the share?
      Let me know if you need anything else,


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