Reverting the Behavior for Saving Pages in the Creatio Freedom UI Designer to use Current Package Setting

You might have noticed that the Freedom UI page editor doesn’t always save pages where you want. Sometimes it saves into an existing package, which may or may not be the package you want the page saved in, and sometimes it will create a new package. The editor does some “guessing” where a page needs to be saved based on editable packages that contain the form, etc. The goal is to allow you to have several applications/packages in the system that you are working on and the editor can save the form to the package based on where it’s been loaded from – meaning you can be working in many different packages at once and, ideally, things get saved to where they need to be. It’s a nice goal, but doesn’t always work out that it’s determined the best action and can cause some frustration.

Read more about how the system determines the package to save a page in the academy: Store app data

I’ve mentioned before a URL trick you can use to force the designer to save the page to a specific package (see article Converting a Creatio Package to an Application).

You can control the package it will be saved in by changing the URL when you open a page for edits and appending the query string parameter &packageUId=[Your package UId]. This will force the editor to save the new version of the page in that package. If you want an easy way to get the package UId, simple click the [Add page] button in your application and copy this from the URL. After you’ve saved the page once into your package it will use that version when you edit the page again.

However, if someone edits a out of the box page for the first time and forgets the add that to the URL, it will end up in some other package. There’s a feature in Creatio that controls this new behavior of how Creatio determines the package to save a Freedom UI page into. If you turn off that feature, it will revert back to how Creatio has always determined the package to save a page into, using the [Current Package] system setting.

To disable the feature, navigate to the features toggle page using a link like the one below:

[Creatio URL]/0/Shell/#Section/AppFeature_ListPage

Or if you’re using Classic UI:

[Creatio URL]/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#Section/AppFeature_ListPage
[Creatio URL]/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#BaseSchemaModuleV2/FeaturesPage

(Note, you can also add the “Feature toggling” section to a workspace so it’s available on the nav bar as well)

Once there, search for the following feature:


Toggle off by turning off the “Is enabled” and “Is enabled for current user”. Then click the “Clear cache” button.

Now, the Freedom UI page editor will use the Current Package system setting to save any changes to with only the following exceptions:

  • If you open the page from a specific application in the application hub, it will save back to that application
  • If you open the page from a specific package in the configuration, it will save back to that package
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