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In addition to the client side aspect of ERP Link there is a “server” side component that allows the ERP Link Queries to run and populate the data in SalesLogix.  The queries provide the data that you see in SalesLogix for a customer like YTD sales, open payments, open invoices, etc.  These data queries can only be executed through the ERP Link Sync utility.  If you do not set up and run this utility, you will not see your financial data in SalesLogix!

ERP Link Sync is basically a run command wrapper around the SalesLogix client that allows the client to be launched through the windows task scheduler and execute the data queries load steps.

The machine that you install ERP Link Sync on must have:

  • SalesLogix client installed

  • MAS 500 installed

  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2003 Server SP2 are the specified OS platforms.

In order to correctly set up and run ERP Link Sync you must first do the following:

  1. Install ERP Link Sync.  There is a setup.exe that is straight forward to install.  This needs to be installed on the computer where the scheduled task is run from.

  2. You must log into the computer, where the task will be scheduled, as the Windows user account that will be used to run the scheduled task.  Each windows account records the SalesLogix alias login information in the registry settings for that local user.  Also you need to ensure that this account has rights to all of the components used when accessing SalesLogix (Sync folders, document paths, etc.)  To do this:

    1. Log into the computer as the user account.

    2. Go to Start…Programs…SalesLogix.  On the SalesLogix login screen, create the log in alias.  The actual alias name you need is what will appear in the “Log in to” box on the main login page.

    3. Go ahead and login to the SalesLogix client.  Make sure it opens OK.

  3. You must configure the ERP Link login parameters within the SalesLogix client for the user that will be used to log into the ERP Link Sync.  I would recommend you use “Admin” for this user.  To do this follow these steps:

    1. Log into the SalesLogix client with the SalesLogix user name you will use to also log into the ERP Link Sync utility with.

    2. Configure the ERP Link Login under Tools…Manage…ERP Link…Set Login Parameters.

    3. Go to Tools…Manage…ERP Link…Load / Refresh Accounts

    4. Ensure you can see the list of accounts.  This will ensure your login parameters are OK.

  4. Now you can add your Windows scheduled task.  To do this use the following steps:

    1. Go To Start…Control Panel…Scheduled Tasks…Add Scheduled Task

    2. Sage ERP Link Sync Scheduled Task Wizard 1

    3. Click Next

    4. Sage ERP Link Sync Scheduled Task Wizard 2

    5. Click Browse

    6. Sage ERP Link Sync Scheduled Task Wizard 3

    7. Browse to your SalesLogix install directory.  A new folder will be added during the installation of Sage ERP Link Sync called ERPLink. (The default would be C:Program FilesSalesLogixERPLink).  Select the ERPSync.exe file.  Click Open.

    8. Sage ERP Link Sync Scheduled Task Wizard 4

    9. Name your Windows Task Job and specify the frequency (typically daily).  Click Next.

    10. Sage ERP Link Sync Scheduled Task Wizard 5

    11. Specify a time to run the task.  I would recommend this be run on off hours.  Either early in the day or at the end of the day, or both.  Make sure that other jobs are not running at the same time.  Remember your SQL maintenance plans!  Click Next

    12. Sage ERP Link Sync Scheduled Task Wizard 6

    13. On the Login screen you must login with the same Windows account that was used to log in in step 2 above.  Click Next.

    14. Sage ERP Link Sync Scheduled Task Wizard 7

    15. Check the “Open Advanced Properties…” checkbox.  Click Finish.

    16. image

    17. In the run command you will need to add the appropriate switches after the existing path to the ERPSync.exe.  After the closing ” in the path that is there you can add the following switches.  These are case sensitive:

      1. /B – Sage SalesLogix database alias (required)
        /N – Login user account (required)
        /P – Login user account password (required)
        /G – Account group name to synchronize. This must be a dynamic group. Sage SalesLogix ad hoc groups are not supported by ERP Sync.
        /A – Sage SalesLogix account ID to synchronize
        /I – Refreshes all products for all companies in Sage SalesLogix which have links to valid products in Sage MAS 500. The switch will not create new products in Sage SalesLogix.

        Make sure that the user you use in the /N switch is the same one used in step 3 above.  Again I recommend “Admin”.

        I would also recommend the group to use in the /G switch is not “All Accounts”  but rather a group you create of just your customer accounts.  There is no need to have the system search through every account in your database.  Note that if your group name has spaces you will need to enclose it in quotes.

        So the final Run command field should look something like:

        “C:Program FilesSalesLogixERPLinkERPSync.exe” /B=SalesLogix_Eval /N=Admin /P=password /G=”My Customers”

  5. That is it.  Click OK to close the scheduled task wizard.  You should now be ready to run whenever your task was set for.

  6. If you are having trouble getting this to run I would recommend that you take the string in the “Run” field and login to the computer as the Windows user account specified in the “Run As” field.  Go to Start…Run and paste in your “Run” string.  This should launch the SalesLogix client and begin the ERP Link Sync.  If it does not work, go back and check your settings.


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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