Sage SalesLogix ERP Link v3.0 beta issues

After much time spent I have discovered the Sage SalesLogix ERP Link v3 beta software appears to not be compatible with MAS 7.05.25 as claimed.  When attempting to configure the software it errors out with messages about missing MAS 500 database objects.  After examination I have found these objects only exist in MAS 7.2 databases.

I have been spending a fair amount of time trying to get the new beta release of the Sage SalesLogix ERP Link software working with a SalesLogix 7.5 system and a MAS 500 7.05 system which I updated to the latest level, version 7.05.25 (November 2008 MU).  When trying to connect from SalesLogix to the MAS 500 database I kept getting errors about a missing column "ExternalColumnNo".  I traced this error through SQL profiler and found it was looking for this field in the TSMEXTERNALCOLUMN table.  Upon looking in the MAS 500 database browser utility I could not find reference to this field so I created it.  This got me past the error only to bring up additional errors about several missing stored procedures: spDIInsertExternalConnection, spDIInsertExternalTable, and spDIInsertExternalColumn.  I also could not find any information on these procedures in MAS 500 documentation.  After looking at the .NET Extension that controls this set up wizard though Reflector I discovered the wizard was not trying to create any such procedures.

Finally I decided to install MAS 500 7.2 which is supposedly also supported by the beta product.  In the base MAS 7.2 database I discovered all of these missing components.

So it appears that despite the compatibility claims, the Sage SalesLogix ERP Link v3 beta is not currently compatible with MAS 7.05.


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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